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Monday, March 12, 2007

The smell of Spring

For me the smell of spring is clean. Today my wonderful mother came over and helped me clean. It seems so often that I can only do a little at a time and it never feels really, really clean. So my floors are washed, my bathrooms are sparkling, I vacuumed up a dust storm and laundry is well on it's way. And if that wasn't enough, we baked buns. I'm trying to lure my brother to my house to roof our garage and he has this thing for fresh buns. So I thought I would bring him some and hopefully he'll feel really generous and turn up to finish the job that was supposed to get done in October!!! As my emoticon on the side of my blog shows, I'm feeling mighty accomplished right now. It smells fresh in here, and I can walk across my floor without some remnant of the kids meals and/or snacks sticking to my feet! That's a nice feeling!!!! (Does anyone else have to sweep 3 times a day or is it just me?)


Ruth said...

need to? yes
should? uh huh
but do i? no.

you are an inspiration! woohoo. way to go erin. i can smell your clean house from my side of town.

Ruth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
svea said...

go girl!.. I need to do the same thing, however I will not be making buns as my mother-in-law makes them waaaaay better than me, so I don't even try hee hee hee. I think I sweep 3 or 4 times a day actually,... but mop? now there's a novel concept. Ha! love your accomplished look =)

Louise said...

Hey I got fresh buns today cousin came down today to bake for me!!! YUM YUM !! We have great support eh? As for my house it was clean once upon a Saturday and now that it is Monday you would never guess!!! LOL
Proud of you!

Dedee said...

Only 3 times a day? Just kidding. I'm lucky if I get it in once a day, but it needs it three times a day. I was laughing at the previous comment. My living room was beautiful Saturday morning and by the evening, it was trashed again. I'll never have a clean house until my kids leave, and then I'll be too depressed to enjoy it!! I'm proud of you though. I love that feeling. Go girl!!!

carla said...

mine should be swept about 30 times a day. never gets done. nope. we wait for the cat to eat crap off the floor. :)

Lindsay said...

Um, yeah. Whoever thinks that grown-up girls are clean should try living with THREE of them for a while. My little house-slash-dorm stays clean for approximately 0.8 seconds. I gave up months ago.

I'm currently campaigning for Spring Cleaning Week, beginning yesterday... Wish me luck! We're off to a not-too-impressive start: I found (dirty) socks on my dining room table this morning.

Erin said...

eww, eww, eww...that's so disgusting. Yeah, sounds like you'll need some luck in the spring cleaning campaign!

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