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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

5 Blogs That Make Me Think

So apparently Dedee nominated me for an award...It's the Thinking Blogger Award (If you want the rules to this game click on this link). I've never won anything (I don't think, if I have I don't recall) so I am very excited and I feel very honored! Thank you Dedee! A speech? Oh, I don't have anything prepared, but let's see here...I would first off like to thank God because everyone else thanks Him first so I feel it's protocol, but in all seriousness, I do have a lot to thank Him for and if I actually start listing all the things that He's blessed me with we'd be here all day. I'd also like to thank my lovely husband who has put up with my blogging addiction and nodded and smiled, pretending to really understand what I'm talking about. I'd also like to thank my 2 darling daughters who have probably felt annoyance at my need to "quickly finish what I'm typing" episodes. And most of all, to my dear readers...I don't feel that I deserve any award because there are so many blogs out there that have so much more than I feel I have to share, but I thank all of you who care enough to keep coming back.

Okay, so now it's my turn apparently. Five blogs that make me think. If you are on my blogroll you already make me think and I keep coming back for the morsels you all offer up each day. But I can only pick 5...hmmm...

In no particular order they are (and please don't be mad if you're not listed here, there are just too many good ones and I am only allowed 5)...

1. Val...a sweet woman I have never met, but feel privileged to call her "friend". Her sincere heart and lovely personality just pours from her words on her Blog.

2. Lindsay...a long lost friend whom I found via her blog. The inner workings of this wonderful woman's mind never cease to amaze and amuse me. Her growth and vulnerability, strength and sassyness make me ache for the years missed. Welcome back to my life...

3. Louise...a newbie but a goodie. Only a few weeks has she been gracing us with her wisdom, but I've learned a lot. And you didn't think you could write eloquently...ha! You go girl!

4. Joyce...her openess, raw honesty and very, very funny humor has made me think many, many times. I don't think a post goes by that I don't sit back and ponder, wondering about my own life. She should write a book...

5. Ruth...always finding nuggets of gold in life's little and big experiences. She is very good at taking something simple and moving to the next level with it, reminding us of God's graciousness and love.

So if you're not on my list it's only because I really could only pick 5. The fact that you're on my blogroll should speak for itself. Thank you all for the enjoyment that each of your stories, pictures and anecdotes has brought to my life, and many others.


Ruth said...

thanks erin. i'm glad you blog.
i'm glad i read your blog. xo love u.

it's me, Val said...

Awwwww . . . . and you made me #1 :) Erin, you made my DAY! :) Thank you, darling. You are extraordinary yourself. xxoo

Louise said...

Ahhhhhh THANKS ERIN!!! You ROCK babe!!!

Lindsay said...

If number one is number one, and the last shall be first, then what's number two?

Totally kidding :)

That was really sweet, Erin. I could say exactly the same about you. Except you're *never* sassy, are you? ;)

Dedee said...

I can't wait to explore!

Joyce said...

Erin- this went by unnoticed by me until Ruth pointed it out for me. I'm truly humbled what you say here, and grateful. Its something I'm having to more intentionally hand over to God because I don't want fear and pride to bugger it up.
xo love you, sister. If it weren't for blogville, I'd never had the chance to hear your heart.

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