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Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Fashion Show and Some Dirty Shoes

No, there wasn't anyone wearing dirty shoes at a fashion show. Two different subjects.

I went with a bunch of friends to a fashion show this morning. What a wonderful show they put on and it was great that there were quite a few friends and family members in it. And it was no small ordeal. The clothes were great, the music rocked, and the models were fabulous. Louise happened to be one of the models and we were all wowed by her stage presence. She had something going on! Talk about exuding confidence and attitude (good attitude!). Way to go Louise, I was right, you are one hot mama!!

It was funny, as I sat there watching them all strut there stuff on the catwalk, I wanted nothing more than to have the courage and confidence to do something like that. I was a tad jealous, mostly because I feel like I would never have the guts to put myself out there. To get out of my comfort zone and just do the things I secretly love to do. I'd love to be able to be in a band and sing. I'd love to dance (I do, just no one can see me ; D ), and I'd love to have the grace and poise that those models did. To walk with confidence and elegance.

I was in such a state when I got home that I put on my new walking shoes and went out. I practiced walking...what a sight, me swinging my hips and walking down a muddy gravel road. All by myself, singing with my mp3 player. I was actually tempted at one point to start dancing, but I thought that might not be such a good idea as the mud was really soft and I could see an accident waiting to happen. But I did feel refreshed from my first walk of the season and my shoes worked wonderfully. They are no longer glowingly clean. So I accomplished what I set out to do and I didn't have to jump in a mud pit.

1 comment:

Louise said...

You are SOOO funny!! I would have loved to see you strut your stuff!!!
Thanks for your rave reviews!!
Love you!!

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