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Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm so sorry, I failed!

I'm eating chocolate. Not just any chocolate, a Caramel Chunk Kit Kat. I couldn't resist. It needed to be eaten. As of yesterday I've been on my candida cleanse for 8 weeks. I've only given in to temptation in the last 2 weeks because I was told it was okay once in a while now that I was so good for such a long time. But it's amazing the guilt that accompanies each bite. I think the guilt is just a bi-product of telling myself "No" for so long that I'm not sure what to do with the permission. No worries though, my husband has just absconded with the chocolate and I'm not likely to ever see it again. He thinks it's for my own good. He should know better than to take chocolate away from a sugar-crazed-hormonal-mommy! Oh, well, I was starting to get a sugar headache anyway.


Debs said...

Hiya, thanks for dropping by my party. I've just been reading bits of your blog, and I have to say your kids are adorable :-)
I love the story you told me about your 17th birthday party - how exciting that you did marry the guy in the end! I'll definitely be back..
God Bless.

Just Being Me said...

That was very funny. Sorry he took it away. Thanks for stopping by.

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