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Friday, March 30, 2007

I got new shoes!

Ain't they perty? I went and did something I've wanted to do for a very long time (umm...6 years?) Shh, don't tell anyone that I wore the same runners for 8 years...

I thought about ordering some from the Sears catalog, but how do you choose from hikers,
trail walkers, walkers, runners, cross trainers and combinations thereof, not to mention I'd have to order multiple pairs to get the right fit and that all seemed like too much work. I thought about going to Walmart, but then I thought maybe I should get something really good quality (especially if I'm going to wear them for the next 8 years :D...okay I won't do that!). So then I decided to hit the Running Room. They assessed my feet and fit me with a pair to support my very flat arches, which in turn will help my feet and knees not turn in, eliminating knee and hip pain and making walking and yes, even jogging, easier. And they were on sale! The only thing that wasn't really wonderful was that they are white. They shine. They glow! I'm going to go jump in a mud pit to make them a little less brilliant...maybe this one...

(That's part of our back yard...the sod farm shut down the day we were supposed to get the rest of our back yard grass!)

But I'm very happy that I can now start my exercising on the right : )

I'm starting Monday morning at 7:00. Louise is going to keep me accountable. She said she'd phone me to make sure I'm up and at 'em. So the plan is Tae Bo and Pilates in the morning and a walk in the evening. I'm really excited to put my new shoes to the test. Wish me luck.


Louise said...

Okay here I am, did you get up this morning?? LOL I forgot to call you...opps, tomorrow!!!

Louise said...

oh yeah, I am jealous about your shoes, mine are also far too old!!!

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