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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Conversations with Ella, Part 2...

I'm cleaning the bathroom yesterday and Ella's playing with her teddy bear when she comes in the bathroom and says the following:

Ella: My teddy's tummy is getting cracked and her baby is coming out.

Me: Her tummy's getting what?

Ella: Cracked!

Me: Is that how babies come out?

Ella: Uh huh, you crack the tummy and take it out.

Me: So how does a baby come out of a mommy like me?

Ella: YOU CRACK THE TUMMY!! (duh, she already told me that)

Me: And how does a baby get into a mommy's tummy?

Ella: You crack her tummy open and put the baby in!

Me: Ah!

It's brilliant what kids will think about and formulate in their heads.


Dedee said...

I love listening to children make sinse of their world. Did you catch my post about the potty napkins?

P.S. The think that attracted me to your blog was your desire ot laugh more. Are you successful?

Erin said...

Dedee - yes I read the potty napkin post, too funny! I have been trying to laugh more, yes. I think half the battle with laughing and smiling more is just being more real. I used to be a very smiley, giggly person, everyone was always commenting "you're such a happy person". So maybe it was just life and I stopped showing that side of me.

Lindsay said...

Um, that's not true?!

Erin said...

What?! It's not? hmmm....

Ruth said...

ahhh ella! that sweet smart girl!

Louise said...

Too cute!! Gotta love those moments!

Dedee said...

The whole smile and laugh more is something I'm working on too. I'm like you. I used to be the most outgoing person on the face of the planet. Now, when I go into a crowded room, I scan for familiar faces and then hide in the corner or something. I've got to get back to the fearless outgoing girl or I'm going to wither and die.

P.S. I love the name Ella. I want a child named Ella, but I keep having boys. Ah well.

it's me, Val said...

so cute, erin :) i can't get enough of conversations like these. . . . they won't last forever. i'm glad we're keeping track of them :)

Mel said...

I think that was actually taught in my Biology 101 class : )

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