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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pointless, mindless wanderings...

I just heard the toilet flush!! "Wow Erin, that's great...who cares?" It is's my new downstairs toilet that just got installed by my dear husband. Okay, I'll go get a picture, just a minute...

Okay, here he is being his funny self. I told him it was going on my blog, but it didn't bother him.

Here's some other great moments in my not-so-great-week... (I had a nasty chest thing going on, apparently yeast can come out of your lungs, too...yay!)

Ella finally giving in to the need to wear mommy's boots. I think she said to my mom the other day "Granny, I want boots with those thingies on them just like mommy has!" (referring to the heels!)

Aidan being her usual naughty self and putting her half eaten bowl of rice on her head and thinking it's the funniest thing in the world. It was...until I had to pick all the little sticky rice pieces out of her fine hair.


Ruth said...

sorry your sick erin.
i've been ill too.

Nadine said...

Another bathroom is always a blessing. Love the pictures especially the last one with the bowl on her head.

Louise said...

Great pics!! I am so happy for you about your basement, can't wait to come check it out!!
Aidy is SUCH a cutie, look at that glint in her eyes, definitely her mama's daughter!!!

esther said...

finishing stuff off in the basement is a HUGE feat!!!

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