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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday's Musings...

1. Our basement is on the road to being finished (a very long, winding, slow road!!!). We are finally getting the drywall taped/mudded on the weekend. YAY!!! That means by next week I should be painting, and if you know me, you'll know I'm happier than a pig in whatever he's happy in when I'm painting. Then the carpet can go in and then it's livable.

2. I'm almost half done my cleanse (I'm in the fourth week...go, Erin, go). But the second half should be easier because as of Saturday I'll be able to eat some fruit. That's so awesome! I never thought that an apple would hit the spot.

3. As of next week I'll be working very part time (couple hours a day) from my computer in my home for some friends making contacts for their business. Maybe I can actually finally pay off that stupid credit card now. I always wondered what I could do from home to earn a little something, and God dropped it in my lap. It fits my life, I don't need childcare (but thanks for offering, Mom), and eventually, when my cc is paid off I can use that money for all the little things that end up on the cc, taking some of the strain off our life.

It's interesting how God says He will provide all our needs, but I don't think we, or at least I, always truly believe that 100%. I still look for ways to make the money go the distance instead of trusting that God's got my best in mind. Yet just when something else appears in our life and I think "Oh no, how is this going to work in our budget?" God comes through...a raise for Jer, a new side job, and now this for me. God knows every need and just when you think there's nothing else you can do to make things happen, you find out you're right. There isn't anything you can do. But God can. And he does! Give it up and give it over.


Lindsay said...

That's so great! What a perfect solution. I always think I know exactly what I need, but God always has a better plan - better than whatever I would have been able to do on my own.

You'd think we'd learn, hey? :)

Erin Wiebe said...

You would think, yes. But I go through these epiphanies every couple months. Maybe one of these times it'll stick : )

Ruth said...

trust in the Lord
and lean NOT
on your own understanding
in ALL your ways
and HE will make your path straight.


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