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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A new part of our family

I just wanted to tell everyone about the proud, heart-filling evening I'm having. We decided to sponsor a little girl in Africa today. I feel like I've added someone new to my family. I don't know much about her yet, only that her name is Rachidatou Baga, her birthday is the same as mine (that's not why I picked her, although it did make the decision easier), and she lives in
Burkina Faso (which up until today I didn't know was a country in Africa).

I know to some of you it may not seem like a huge deal, but my grandparents always had a child sponsor and I remember reading their letters and thinking "one day I will sponsor a child and make a difference". That day has come for me and it's a HUGE milestone in my life. I got all choked up when I hit the "send" button on the website.

Welcome to our family, Rachidatou!! We love you already.


jude said...

I also have a child sponsor from Africa (a little boy, actually, not so little anymore... named Miyanda Hangoma) and it's been good knowing I'm actually helping someone... someone I'll never meet on this side of Heaven though... But it's a fun experience/journey!
Way to go Erin! =)

Ruth said...

yah! so fun.
we have a little boy from peru and a little girl from rwanda. it's a very special experience.

which sponsor group did you go through?

Erin said...

Ruth, We did it through Compassion Canada. It was your website and your link to CC that totally got me thinking about it yesterday. Thank you. Jer and I have been tossing the idea back and forth since we got married, but this is the first time we feel financially okay enough to consider it. Thank you Jesus!!

Ruth said...

woooooohoooooo!!! awesome sister!
way to dive in!

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