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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The longest day ever...

I guess I can say that my day started...hmmm...74 hours ago. Okay, maybe that's slighty exaggerated, but that's what it feels like. I don't think I've slept (much) in the last 3 days (or nights). You know when you're in that semi-asleep mode where you are dreaming, and you know you're dreaming, but you also know that your left nostril is plugged and your neck is getting a kink in it because you've tried to position it just right to keep both nostrils open, resulting in all the yuck sliding down the back of your throat and waking you up in a coughing fit? Yeah, that's pretty much how it's been. I even took that nightime-coughing-sneezing-sorethroat-congestion-medicine-so-
you-can-get-the-rest-you-need-and-wake-up-feeling-better doesn't work!

So if you're waiting for me to blog about something interesting, don't...I'm walking around in a bit of a fog. Although if I could just remember my dreams in some logical way, that would be pretty interesting stuff to blog about. I've got some crazy stuff going on in there at night. You know how it's said that you process at night all the stuff from the day? Well, I'm not sure that planting fuzzy, fake flowers in my mom's garden while looking at pictures of my brother standing on a dolphin was at all talked about or mentioned yesterday. So there you have it...


svea said...

Erin I feel your pain, have not slept for the past 3 days. Fighting a horrible cold throat thing too, can't breath all night keep waking up with such dry mouth from breathing through my mouth. Alas, cause i am pregnant, i cannot even take any drugs even if they don't work, hope you feel better soon.

Becky said...

Hey Erin! I've got the stuffy nose going on too...I can totally relate to waking up with phlem in your throat. It seems like no matter how much I swallow, it won't go away. I have managed to get some sleep, but I really hope this goes away before I go into labour! I hope you feel better soon!

Ruth said...

hope you are feeling better. i am not sick but haven't been able to sleep either. arg! we should all get together when that happens and play uno. or something. :)

Heather :) said...

Hope you feel better soon and congrats on being 1/2 done your cleanse. I know how much it sucks when you can't sleep at night!

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