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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dependence on Technology

I've realized that we have become totally and utterly dependant on all our gadgets. What did our parents do before cell phones, computers, the internet, microwaves, dishwashers? I'm guilty of the dependency! The cell phone...I can take it or leave it, but it's handy to have one. The internet/computer...totally dependent, why I'd actually have to do housework or exercise if I didn't have it. The dishwasher...been with, been without, hopefully never without again. But the Microwave...who knew the impact that would have on one's life? It must have taken Mom hours to do anything!!!

Well ours died on Monday. Four days without a microwave is almost torture. I realized how little forethought goes into my meals when all of a sudden it's 4:00 and I have no meat defrosted and no microwave to defrost with. That really screws up my plans. Like I'd think of what tomorrow's supper is going to be the night before! I'm definitely not my Mom. So my hat goes off the the generations of women who came before us that had to think of meals a day or two in advance and who had to spend hours in front of the stove to heat and reheat food. Four days was more than enough!


Ruth said...

i know! i lost my camera and my computer is barely working. dependency happens so subltely.


ps wooohooo on the blog music! you blogomanic you!

Heather :) said...

hi erin! i haven't checked out your site since summer, so just looking in now that i am a blogger! love the music!!
you have to tell me how to set up links on my site, so i can link to yours.

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