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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mommy's 2 Bookworms

I always hoped my children would have the same passion for the written word that I have.  Ella always has, but I wasn't too sure Aidan would.  Well this is my dream come true (one of many).  A silent moment where they are both absorbed in their books.  They didn't even look up when the camera flashed.  Suddenly Aidan is all about books and I don't even get to actually read them.  She just points to EVERYTHING on the page and says "waya?"  I'm assuming it means "what's that?" and it's helping her learn to talk.  In the last week she has started repeating lots of new words.  Maybe one day I'll hear something other than "ananana wayah".

1 comment:

jude said...

yeah, kaelyn hasn't yet shown interest in reading/books (well, except for the ones that taste good and have a good amount of fuzz on them... haha).
i'm hoping sometime soon, but it's a good lesson for me not to try to push something on her that she's not ready for.

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