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Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 14: Candida Cleanse (it's working!!)

I had my blood analysis yesterday at the Herbal Market. I was mostly happy with what I saw. My blood showed the yeast on its way out. I could see the yeast dying off. It was fantastic. All my hard work in the last 2 weeks has paid off. She said she could see that I had been on the cleanse. And even better was the news that I only have to be really strict for another 2 weeks and then I can add a few new things (including fruit, yay) back into my diet for another 4 weeks and then I'm done. So that was encouraging. I also found out that I'm not digesting protein, so she gave me an enzyme for that and she said that it should clear up any digestive problems I'm having. Again, yay!

The only disgusting thing that I was shocked about was a bunch of parasites that apparently had been in my system for a couple years (probably picked them up in Mexico) because one was in her words "the biggest parasite I've ever seen" which means it's been there for a while. If you read my last post about my fear of worms, well, you would have understood my absolute horror when I saw it. It is actually a worm (yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!). I mean my blood was magnified many, many, many times so it's not actually that big (microscopic), but when it's magnified, it's soooooo gross. I think I almost fainted (seriously, I felt queasy). But the good new about the parasites it that they are actually on their way out of me as well. She said they are not "happy" with what I'm doing (she could tell by the way they were shaped and where they were in my body).

I'm telling you, this blood thing is so cool. It's not always nice to see what's in you, but it's nice to know what you can do to help. So it was worth it. Anyway, that's enough blabbing. Likely no one's as interested as me as what's in my blood.


Lindsay said...

I went for a live blood analysis probably two years ago. Same thing: a giant parasite. And same thing: an extreme snake phobia. I actually had to fight nausea, knowing that thing was crawling around inside of me... Ugh. It still makes me shiver.

The cleanse was really hard to do, but I felt awesome after. And just knowing that I was killing the wormy bug was reason enough for me :)

Go Erin Go! You've made it through the first two weeks, every day will get easier from here.

Erin Wiebe said...

thanks. it's been awesome. this is my 3rd time doing this and it's the easiest one yet.

Ruth said...

oh erin
you bold brave woman!
i think i would pass out.
have you ever read the book, "BRUNCHKO?"

Erin Wiebe said...

nope, can't say that i have. i'll have to google it.

Ruth said...

you must read it.
ESPECIALLY if you want a good "worm" story. :)

i have it if you want to borrow it.

Ruth said...
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