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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's In a Name?

Okay, you guys, I need a name. Apparently I'm supposed to have business cards for myself to have displayed in the showhome I'm working on and I don't even have a name for my "business". I'm not really too thrilled about using my full name (mennonite last names are so very prestigious sounding after all!). So I'm looking for suggestions. ERINteriors? Hee, hee!! No seriously...I've never had to do this, so it has to sound professional and say what service I'm providing. Let me know if anyone has any brilliant ideas...PLEASE!!!


it's me, Val said...

If you need any graphic material designed, let me know!! :)

As for names . . . hmmmm . . . I love thinking of biz names!!

I love "ERINteriors" and think it's quite clever!

Elements by Erin (even "Elements" by itself is kinda neat!)

What's your favorite color? I have always liked the names of businesses with a color as their name like, "Pink", but I know that's a pretty widely used name. But what about "Plum" (and maybe add "Designs" on the end??)

How about using your girls names? (Middle, first, combine them into one name, etc...)

Let me think on this more! :)

Erin said...

Val, I would love for you to show me some ideas that you would have for me for any graphic designs!!! And good suggestions so far. Keep them coming.

oh amanda said...

I like all of Val's ideas! Plum is great!

Ruth said...

here it is erin,
are you ready?


or...erinteriors is good too.

Lindsay said...

Friends don't let friends name their businesses ERINteriors :)

Let me know if you want to run a short-list past me, or any wording on your cards or other materials - this is what I do all day...

Jenene said...

What if you simply seperate Erin and Interiors and make it "Erin Interiors", or "Interiors by Erin". "Elements by Erin" is good as well. Those names have a sense of alliteration, and alliteration works when it comes to business.

Kathy said...

Interior Elements?

Cherrye said...

hmmm...What is your last name? Maybe you could do something with that?

How about Erin Designs? It can be a name and a sentence! :)E-Designs? No that sounds like it on the internet...let's keep thinking, but be sure to let us know what you come up with!

Heather :) said...

I liked the "Elements by Erin" idea!

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