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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Game is on...

There's this email going around amongst my friends called "The Game is on". Basically, you are supposed to forward the email to all your friends and they are supposed to email you ONE word that describes you...if there is any one word that would encompass how they view you. So I thought this was a fun one and I'm posting the results on the side of my blog.

I was excited as each one came into my inbox, and they're all sweet (I guess no one is going to email you nasty traits that you have, LOL). A lot of them are naturally how my Sanguine personality operates (creative, cheerful, like to have fun, etc.), but one of them is the biggest compliment I've ever gotten. In fact it got me all choked up. My next door neighbor Tara labelled me "Friend". Big deal, right, we all have friends. Yes, but all the other personality traits can be somewhat natural to a person, while this one means something on a deeper level. I don't try to be Effervescent (that's great that someone thinks I am, though!). You have a decision every day to be a friend or not. Everything you do and say to other people is important. If there's any one thing that I want to be known and remembered as, it's FRIEND.

I'm not writing this to bask in the glory of people telling me nice things about myself, rather I want to remember each day what's really important. It's so easy to get caught up in our own lives and how important they seem to ourselves, but unless we're reaching out and touching other people's lives, it's all for nothing. It was WAY out of my comfort zone to introduce myself to my new neighbors, I don't do that, but it got me one of the best friends I could have. Her and her husband Chris are two of the most generous, friendly people we know. There's no greater gift in life than good friends. So to all you, my lovely friends, thank you for taking the time to invest in my life and put up with all my effervescence and craziness, I love you all so much. May God bless you each as richly as you bless me!


Louise said...

Great post as usual!!
That is an awesome reply and it is perfectly descriptive of you...I also call you FRIEND!!
Love you!!

Ruth said...

:) and THAT you are.
did you get my one word description?

it's me, Val said...

can I create a new word? Mine would be this: graciouslysweet :c)

cheeky said...

I loved this post!

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