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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh What a Wonderful Feeling...

I've got 4 new, unopened cans of paint in my house just waiting for me to dive in. And I almost literally do dive into my paint! When I paint, no matter how careful I am, I seem to have paint in my hair, on my face, up to my elbows, sometimes even on my butt (I've been known to back into freshly painted walls). I love to paint and I get really involved. I crank up the tunes and just go! Some people think I'm nuts how much I paint, but it's totally cathartic! And I love the smell of new paint (latex...not oil). It's so fresh, so new, so clean. It's like a rebirthing for the room, or in this case a new birth as my basement has never had paint. The feeling of having a picture in my head of how it's all going to look and then seeing it all come together, and when the room is all finished, I can stand back and say "yep, that's how it looked in my head".

Thankfully I'm finally feeling like I'm getting better because I'm going to need all my strength and energy to paint, paint, paint. Don't worry, I won't overdo it and get sick again. I had to muster all my willpower today and not run downstairs the minute I brought the paint home and start. But I said to myself "Self, you will wait till next week when you've had the chance to rest a bit more!" THAT is self-control!!!

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