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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Blog Title...

You will notice when you arrive on my blog that my title has changed. After many instances of having people snicker, yes, even outright laugh, at my title "deep thoughts", I decided it was time to change it. I'm annoyed with the fact that some people see me - happy, talkative, and think that I'm shallow and without the intelligence that more serious people have. I have depth and layers and wish that people would start to realize that you can in fact be both full of life and full of depth. My blog will not change, it will still be a mix of the normal, mundane, funny, and just general goings on in my life. I am hoping, though, that my life will indeed become more fully alive. That I'll take joy in the small things and laugh and smile as much as I used to. For those of you who have only known me in the last few years, you've missed the better part of me. Maybe it was part of growing up, but I intend to unmature a little. It's time to bring back the Erin with the laughter always waiting just below the smile. The Erin who didn't care so much what everyone thought and wasn't so worried that she'd say something silly. Life is too short and I intend to teach my children that it can be fun!


stephanie the JOY said...

woo hoo...let 'er rip:)

LSH said...

I love reading your blog!!

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