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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Erin turns into a teenager again!

All I can say is that "I'm so excited!!!" I got to kinda, sorta meet Fireflight (only for like 10 seconds while they signed my cd, but so what). And I'm kicking myself (dangit, dangit, dangit!!!!!) I didn't bring my camera (I could have had my picture with all of them...dangit, dangit, dangit!!!!!...sorry). Everytime I think of it I get madder. Oh, well.

The concert rocked. All 3 bands played amazingly, all very good live performers. We sat in the fourth row (in front of the speakers) and it was so awesome to be right there, up, close, personal and slightly deaf. Luckily we met Jay and Rachel there (by fluke) and we sat with them. It was lucky because Jay had the forethought to bring 4 pairs of earplugs. I was going to be all "cool, rock girl" and not wear any (I'll show them!), but after the first band played, my ears were not very happy (especially since I have a sinus cold). I still couldn't put in the earplugs for Fireflight (it felt kind of like betrayal), but I did wear them for Disciple since they were crazy!

I felt like I should have been a chaperone or something because the majority of the kids there were probably 13-18. And that's when it hit me...I'm getting up on the way to 30. I know I've got a ways to go, but it's not going to be that long before I'm one of the disgruntled looking parents bringing my kids to loud concerts. I hope I can always love music enough to embarrass my kids a little and rock with them instead of sitting there with my arms crossed looking like I was dying a slow death (you should have seen the mom sitting 2 rows behind us, hee, hee, I wonder what she was thinking...). And then I saw one dad just givin' er with his son. It was awesome!

Anyway, rock on, Fireflight, you did not disappoint!


Ruth said...

you feel old?
especially because i have to ask you, "who is fireflight"

my music world consists of veggietales these days. :)

Erin Wiebe said...

they are a new"ish" band. they released their first cd back in july (i think). jer discovered them for me and said i would like them. and i did.; give 'em a listen.

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