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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Retreat

What a nice break it was to be in Pinawa for the weekend. Sixteen women makes for a rockin', crazy good time! Lots of talk about God, life, children, love and of course the always exciting topic of poo. What gathering of women would be complete without endless conversing about it. We always came full circle.

Movies, late nights, no children, wearing pajamas all day, talking, crying, laughing, sleeping, crossword puzzles and lots of good all contributed to our fun and fellowship.

On the topic of food, I cheated, but only because I was given permission to do this. I had a cookie, a bun, half a piece of cheesecake, pie, and the list goes on of the numerous other things that should not have been ingested into my person. I don't regret it because it has given me the desire and need to continue on with my cleanse and I'm good to go for the next stretch. Only by the grace of God I didn't get sick, but I do feel like I've defiled my clean palette and look forward to getting back on track. So off I go on round 2 of the cleanse. I can do this!!!!

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