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Monday, February 12, 2007

A Photo Shoot Gone Horribly Wrong

Well, 7 boxes of kleenex, 13 almost sleepless nights, 2 trips to the chiropractor, tons of acidophillus, lots of vitamin c, even more prayer, and one horrible drivers license picture and I've started the week off feeling like my old self! What a blessing our health is. How we take for granted the gift of breathing normally.

But back to the drivers license picture...I show up at the insurance office yesterday to renew my autopac/drivers and lo and behold, my picture has expired. This I find really funny because I just got my new license with my cool holographic picture on it the day before in the mail and then it proceeded to expire 24 hours later. So anyway, in a rare moment, I hadn't really done my makeup and my hair was just in a lazy ponytail because who knew a quick trip up town to the insurance agency would result in an impromptu photo shoot? Not I!! They should really tell us before we show up looking like the bride of Frankenstein! Although I think it's a conspiracy among autopac people to make it a fun surprise so that they can compare stories of the most horrendous pictures! And the really sad part is, my last picture was horrible and I had been looking forward to a new picture.

Well you are all going to have to take my word for how scary the picture is because you will never see it and I will be driving 5 under the speed limit for the next 4 years so that I never have to show an unsuspecting officer the awful thing! Let's just say the 7 boxes of kleenex took their toll on my poor nose and upper lip. Good thing you're not allowed to smile for the new license pictures because I couldn't have even if I'd tried. Although a smile might have been my saving grace in this instance. Oh well, there's always another chance in 4 years. And you can bet I'll never show up at the insurance agency again looking any less than my best!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Too funny!

I'm sure my current picture is worse... I went to Steinbach, and the new girl working there told me to look in the wrong place - kind of down and to the right, not looking at the camera at all. I live in constant fear of getting pulled over. And I'm not a bar girl so it doesn't happen often, but when you go and they scan and project your ID onto their screen, I actually talk and try to distract whoever I'm there with so they don't see it. Pretty sad. I'm counting down til I get my new one.

Your story encouraged me, because that must mean that I'm one year away from my new picture! Woohoo!

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