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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy long weekend!

So far, so good. Other than a few nasty mosquitoes on Friday night, it's been nice.

Friday night we went to some friends house for their joint birthday party. Unfortunately their house is down by the river...tons and tons and tons and tons of get the picture. My poor little Aidie-bug was full of nasty bites. When she started saying "owie" every two minutes it was time to go. So it was a nice, but rather short lived birthday party.

Yesterday morning I had planned to go quickly get a pail of strawberries and quickly come home so that I had time to make my cheesecake and let it chill for the appropriate number of hours before the evening's dinner at our friends house. Notice the operative word here...quickly. Well, it didn't all go quite as planned. Knowing me, there is always an adventure waiting in the most mundane of events.

I showed up at the strawberry farm at 9:08 a.m. My mom was working there, so I assumed incorrectly that obtaining a pail of strawberries would be simple. Not so! It was a Pick-Your-Own strawberry day. My mom informs me that only people who had pre-ordered their pails could just pick them up. If I wanted any, I'd have to go pick them. Myself. Okay. So off I was, pail in hand to pick my pail of strawberries. Let me interject here that I was NOT dressed for strawberry picking. Luckily, I wasn't wearing my white capris...just pure dumb luck, at that. I was, however wearing my new, beautiful shirt and my nice sandals, my hair was all styled (thanks to a very wonderful appointment with Kyle the day before), my makeup was still all fresh.

I did get my pail in about 20 minutes, no accidents, all good. So I thought. I went back to my car to drive to the booth to pay for the strawberries and my car didn't start. Wouldn't start. REFUSED to start! I, in all my flurry to get my strawberries and get out, had left the lights on in my car. So I called my husband. He couldn't help me. He had no way to get to me and the booster cables that are usually in my car, were not. A nice lady offered help me (after she asked me "are these booster cables?" and then I thought "maybe I don't want help from her, especially since there are only 3 metal thingies on the end of her booster cables!"). Last resort, I tried every other path available to me, I called my Daddy! Always my hero, he was there in 5 minutes to get me out of my plight (also gave me a quick lesson on how to boost a car) and I was 10:05.

In the evening we had the pleasure of going to our friends, Bentley and Helen's, for a wonderful supper. Mmmm...steak, potatoes, salad (the lettuce fresh from her absolutely massive garden...I must say, I have slight garden envy), fried mushrooms...I could eat that almost every day (I'd be 30 pounds heavier and probably have massive indigestion problems)! It was such a beautiful evening, hardly any mosquitoes at their place, and we enjoyed sitting around a fire with them till after midnight. Maybe they wanted us to go home sooner, but as we had no kids for night it was our chance to hang out later than the norm.

Plus I'm not very good at judging when we should leave someone's house. Usually that decision revolves around kids. But when there are no kids in the equation I could overstay my welcome. I'm a social butterfly, if you will. I enjoy adult company. I REALLY enjoy sitting around a fire with good friends and just visiting and laughing (lots of that). I'm a night person. Other people aren't though, at least not usually. Maybe people get annoyed that I can just keep the Energizer Bunny. The later it gets, the more I have to say and the more I laugh. The less likely I am to want to go home. I suppose they could take it as a compliment. I was having so much fun I didn't want to go home. The extroverted side of my personality thrives on people to such an extent in some situations that when I leave somewhere that I'm having fun, I almost get this melancholic feeling. It's over. It went by too quickly. Sigh...

Anyway, today we had a joint church service with 2 other churches from our town. Then after church we spent a lazy day at my parents. I was going to go for a jog, but it was cold and rainy. So now I'm waiting to see if the wind will die down a bit so I can go this evening.

No plans for tomorrow, possibly more strawberry picking (with the correct attire, of course) and maybe some outdoor time at home. And for just sitting down to quickly write a post about my weekend, that turned out to be a hugely long rambling post. Sorry! Happy long weekend from us!


Bonnie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful long weekend so far, aside from being stranded in a strawberry patch. Keep on partying!!

Andrea said...

How did the cheesecake turn out? Were there any leftovers...?? :)

Erin said...

The cheesecake turned out amazing. The best one I've ever made (first one I haven't overbaked). There WERE 2 pieces left...I left one for Bentley and the other one came home and I ate it for supper last night :) Sorry!

Dedee said...

Happy Weekend to you. I looove cheesecake. It makes me happy!

Louise said...

sounds like fun!!
mmmm cheesecake!!

it's me, Val said...

Cute cute picture! And Erin, we're alike again in the way of liking to stay up late! I remember growing up, at slumber parties, I was the one that always wanted to stay up and tell secrets. Everyone else usually pooped out on me. (Reminds me of I Love Lucy when she says, "Do you poop out at parties?" in the Vita-vita-vegimin episode.) Anyway, and today, especially when with children, like you said, I like to stay up as late as possible and relish in that time! I'll yawn like crazy and still want to stay up :)

Sorry I'm late at catching up on emails. This is a crazy week for me.

it's me, Val said...

I meant, when "without" children --- stress the OUT part :)

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