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Friday, July 27, 2007

Question Meme

So Alexis tagged me (like 10 days ago...oops) and I'm supposed to answer these 5 questions and then make up 5 of my own and tag 5 people. I'm wondering why I do these things so late at night. But apparently I'm still "witty" at night...(thanks, Nadine)...although I don't think I'm supposed to be witty in this meme...okay, whatever, here it goes.

1. If you were trapped on an island and could only take three things (and NOT people, laptops or cell phones) what would they be? Books (I'm counting the plural as one because I read too fast to only take one book, unless of course someone came and rescued me really, really quick...but that's not being trapped now is it?), Deodorant (I'm assuming it's a tropical island, cause I don't want to be trapped on an island up in the Arctic Ocean or something dumb like that. Let's make this worth our while and get a good tan!), and my pillow (although it's a water pillow and if you've ever had one or felt one, it weighs a TON. I probably wouldn't have even made it to the island if that was one of the things I take because I would have sunk. Seriously. I know Lindsay knows what I'm talking about. She used to use it as a weapon in highschool).

2. What is one goal in life you would like to achieve before dying? To be completely debt free and owe nothing to anybody. That sounds pretty exciting. After a meeting we had yesterday, that could be sometime in the next few years. I'm thinking before we're 30...

3. What was the most exciting place you have ever traveled? Well it's a toss up between Italy and London, England. One was because it was somewhere I've always wanted to go and the other is because it was with my best friend and we had such a blast, it was last minute and it was 3 months before my wedding. Here's 3 pictures from that trip...

(Lindsay, looking SO young in Trafalgar Square where the crazy demon possessed pigeons had us in terrors. We ran to the fountain, took the pictures and ran for cover. We both HATED birds)

(Me talking to Jer in a red phone booth in Picadilly Circus)

(One of my favorite pictures I took in Oxford during our day trip...had I had a digital camera there would have been lots of favorites, unfortunately there are just a lot of blurry pictures.)

4. What is your dream car? It's always been a VW Beetle. I think they are so darn cute. I suppose if I have more kids I'll be dreaming about vans, but let's not go there.

5. Do you believe in heaven and hell? Why or why not? Heaven!! Because I believe in a God who has promised me a place in Heaven with Him if I believe in Him...which I do.

Now apparently I'm to think of 5 questions and tag 5 of you...

My questions:
1. If you could live ANY one place in the world where would it be and why would you choose that destination?
2. Are you doing what you thought you'd be doing in life and if not, where did you think you'd be or what did you think you'd be doing at this time of your life?
3. Are you an optimist or a pessimist (for the most part)?
4. What would be your dream job?
5. And a fun one...if you were a paint color what would you be called (you know how paint has lots of fun/weird names)?

People I'm tagging:
1. Lindsay
2. Robin
3. Jen
4. Dedee
5. Ruth


Jen said...

Thanks I will get do it sometime next week I have another one to do too :)

I love reading too
Praying you become debt free real soon
sounds like you have been to lots of places
Ill let you know when I have answered your questions :)

Dedee said...

Nice meme. I'll have to do it soon. Happy Days to you!

Jen said...

good questions Ive done it :)

Lindsay said...


And funny pictures... They made me smile :)

Nadine said...

Nice job...proves my point again about being "witty." The stuff you would take to on a island. You make me smile. I love the pictures from your trip. It must have been a great time. Sleep well.

it's me, Val said...

I would LOVE to go to Italy! Wanna go (for you, back) together??? :)

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