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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lazy Days...

Today was a most beautiful day! It was warm when the sun was out, there were just enough clouds to give relief every so often, there was no cloying humidity and a sweet breeze (so no bugs). I lay on our grass with a book, enjoying what I would consider a perfect afternoon.

When I looked up I saw this...

...and when I looked to the side I saw this! What perfect scenery to go with the perfect weather!

Another very AWESOME thing happened today! I spoke to Val in person...on the phone. Considering we both hate phones, it was very neat. It was so cool to put a voice to a face that I've seen on a blog and a personality I've already conjured up in my head based on her writing. I'm pretty sure it was the highlight of my week! I was so excited to talk to her that I was wishing she was here in person so I could hug her : )

She doesn't have email or internet until Monday because they are busy painting their new house (sleeping there already, too, even though they don't technically "move in" until this weekend). Because of this she hadn't blogged or emailed in almost a week and it was funny, I missed her already and I was thinking about her during what has to be a very busy crazy, week. So I did what I would do with any of my friends...called her to see how she was doing. It was a natural reaction. And because we keep in touch online, we were able to chat about normal things because we already know what's going on in each other's lives. So cool! What a sweet moment with my dear sweet friend : )


Louise said...

Erin that is SO cool!!!
I see that as a very brave thing to do...WOW!! I have SUCH a hatred of phones and then to call someone I have never talked to...WOW! Proud of you chick!! That is SO neat...I pray that this is the start/continuation of an amazing life long friendship for you!!!

Jen said...

what a lovely afternoon

how neat and how blessed i really like Val

Jamie said...

Those are some really great pictures! Glad you had a happy afternoon!

Wanda said...

Hi Erin: Thanks for stopping by your post...we have much in common too! I'll be back to read your previous posts...Enjoyed reading your profile!!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

What great pics. :) I'm sure Val was so excited to hear from you.

TNChick said...


Love those sky photos, so perfect looking.

Just wanted to say thanks for the comment you left me. I appreciate it. It's been a week now... and while it's still a pain in the butt... I'm OK. I just hope it goes sooner than later... my eye hurts so much (stings, burns, etc).

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