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Friday, June 29, 2007

Closing me in...

This is a picture of the fencing guys scouting out the lay of the land in our back yard. I guess they're preparing to put up our back fence. I'm a country girl. I love our yard for a reason. I can pretend that I'm in the country when I'm back there. All I see is field. Once the fence is up...I'm thinking that my love of my yard will diminish significantly. A 3 1/2 foot fence would be grand. It would keep the kids in, the animals out, and the view would still be there. But alas, I'm not in charge of how high the fence around the development goes, so I must suck it up and deal with it. Oh, to be in the country! Maybe I can pray that the whole fencing thing takes a really, really long time and it won't go up till fall! That would be okay.


Ruth said...

that is one reason why i LOVE living where i live. NO HOUSES BEHIND US. even though there is a hedge -- it feels like we are livin the country life. we even watched the CANADA DAY fireworks that were going off in the FORKS one year. Love those prairies. :)

i heard though -- that in the next 4 years they will be BUILDING behind us.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I love looking out our back door and feeling like we are in the country! I am definately going to miss that.

Anonymous said...

I also am not looking forward to more building. I have a beautiful open field behind me and we chose our lot because of it but it sounds like in the next couple of years the Fifth Ave. Development will be going south into that field. So I may have to put up a fence because of the houses behind me. My boys have loved watching the farm equipment during the seeding, harvesting etc. and even went to take pictures along the bales they had one year.


it's me, Val said...

I live in the city so I can't really say one or the other, except that I grew up on a farm and loved the views and the peace and the ability to keep my blinds open and not worry about anyone peering in. I hope it takes them all summer to put it up.

Happy weekend, Erin! xo

it's me, Val said...

P.S. I guess I did say one or the other, eh? I'm such a dork.

Nadine said...

That would definately be okay to wait until the fall. So I'll agree in prayer with you for that. I agree the wide open space is so much nicer than looking at a fence.

Heather :) said...

I know the feeling. I used to LOVE looking out my front window in the morning and watching the sunrise. Now I have a bunch of two story beige houses and their fenced backyards to look at, LOL!

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