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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here I am

I guess it is kind of strange when I don't blog for almost a week. I figured since I've started getting comments asking where I am, I should post something. Well, I've been busy. Babysitting, gardening, doing projects that I've wanted to do, working on the showhome, working for 9 hours yesterday at Solomon's Porch to help them get ready for their sale starting today. So that's what's been keeping me from my computer. Probably a good thing. I started out not really feeling like I had that much to say right now...that's odd for me : ), but the longer I sat here and left the post on my screen, the more I thought of. So sit down, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a snack and get comfy. It's a long one...

*Yesterday was Ella's preschool graduation. It was very sweet. She's going back to preschool next year, but all the kids participated in the graduation even if they weren't moving onto Kindergarten in fall. They wore little hats with tassels and got a diploma and a goody bag from their teachers. Ella was very excited to give her teachers, Mrs. Falk and
Mrs. Broesky, the cards that we had made and a little gift.
*I've been busy picking flooring for the showhome so that I can start picking the paint colors (which is what's needed next from me). When I brought home the carpet sample, which is really soft, Aidan laid
down on it and said, "nice...puppy...night-night." It was so cute. She thought it looked and felt like a puppy. Love it.

*On the showhome note, I finally got to go walk around the house. I got to see it for the first time, and it is in fact real! There is a house and I'm not just imagining it. The shingles are on and the electrical is roughed in. So the contractor walked me through where all the lights are going to be to give me an idea of what needs to go where. So weird that all these decisions are up to me. I like it!

*I planted the seeds in my garden on Tuesday in between rain. It's been raining for almost 3 weeks I think, maybe it just feels that long. But anyway, I did get my garden in and hopefully it hasn't all drowned and will come up. Right now the dirt (mud) looks and feels a little packed down. I'm not sure how those tiny little seeds are going to poke through it.

*Some of the projects I've completed...this was an ugly looking terracotta colored plastic pot. I was going to buy new ones, but instead I found spray paint (textured!) to match the new pots I just bought. Very happy with the results. There's one of these pots on either side of my door. They should look spectacular once they've grown to full height. Canna lilies in the back, potato vine in the middle and lobelia in the front to hang over the edge. *Then I found a dirty white pot in the garage and remembered that I had enough spray paint left over to paint it and VIOLA...I had another matching pot. (Then I needed to buy more I did!)
*Another project I had was to plant flowers in the small strip of dirt between our house and driveway. I put in what I thought was red cosmos (the little thingy that comes with the plants showed RED. Call me crazy, but I thought for some strange reason they'd be red. Weird, I know), but alas, they're a pinkish purple. Oh, well, they're still beautiful.

*When I went to the greenhouse today I got overcome with color envy (my front flowerbed and pots all have white flowers, green foliage and a small bit of redish orange for a very nice effect) so I bought pink and purple and fuschia and orange flowers and stuck them in my garden in the back. Now I can enjoy them without losing the overall aesthetic of my color coordinated front. Man, it's tough being picky with how everything looks together : )

And for some highlights of my day (with more pictures, of course)...

1. (Above) My one tomato plant has...TOMATOES!!! Isn't that great? I counted 5 on it this evening. I tried to circle them in red, but the lines are not very thick, so they are hard to see.

2. The sun was out long enough for one of my FULL SUN plants to bloom. I'm not sure what all my poor sun loving plants in front are thinking (not that I think they think...umm, yeah, anyway) with all this rain and no sun. It's very sad for them. I swear they all grew 2 inches in the 3 hours of sunlight they got this evening. It's supposed to be sunny all weekend. That's so great.


lil ole' me..... said...

You have been busy!!!
It's good to have you back. :)

esther said...

ohhh, tomatoes!!!
i still gotta make it out to the green house...i'm jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, can't wait for the SUNNY weekend!

Andrea said...

How come you didn't include any pictures of you gardening in your WHITE CAPRIS??...crazy lady!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Wow! Busy busy! The garden and plants look awesome. Congrats on graduation :)

Louise said...

Looks good!
I haven't gotten anywhere close to getting that all done!! EEEk

jen said...

those are sweet photos of Ella
your garden is looking good

it's me, Val said...

It all looks fabuloso, Erin! Welcome back . . . have missed you!

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