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Friday, May 18, 2007

Foto Friday

Even though I don't participate in Foto Friday, I'm going to call this post that. On Wednesday night I saw this tree in the back of my parents
yard. It's kind of hidden in a spot that we never go (they have a 10 acre yard, so it's not hard to miss things). The sun was shining on it through the trees and it was so beautiful. I was wishing at that moment that I had my camera and my girls were dressed in something other than dirty play clothes. I told my mom that if I could make it, I'd bring the girls back the next day to take some pictures of them. She then proceeded to inform me that there was going to be 60km an hour winds the next day and as the blossoms on the tree were in full bloom and starting to fall already, there probably wouldn't be any blossoms left on the tree by that time. I was very sad. I did offer up a little request to God that he save the tree for me, but oh, well, maybe next year.

I got to my parents yesterday evening and there, in the midst of the windy day, was this tree, standing perfectly still. It struck me how all the trees around it were dancing in the wind and this one was just standing there not moving. All the blossoms were still on it. It was positioned in just the right spot that the wind was not touching it. I was so excited I wanted to cry. I had
dressed the girls in their new outfits and brought my camera just in case. So here are the pictures that I took.


ValleyGirl said...

Beautiful pix! I took pictures of my blooming plum trees yesterday, too. It looks like a very similar tree. The girls and I stood underneath and listened to about a million bees, wasps, and hornets doing their thing. Very cool.

Jamie said...

Those are great pictures! I love the one of the girls running. I'm really wanting to take family pictures again soon, but it never works out, either weather, or busy-ness, or no one to take them!

Kathy said...


Alexis Jacobs said...

What beautiful pictures!!

jude said...

hey erin,
love your blog!! :) and love these pictures, how beautiful!!
keep up the blogging, friend, you have great stuff to say. :)
love you.

lil ole' me..... said...

These are great pictures. Your daughters are adorable!!! :)

Louise said...

Great pics Erin, so glad to hear it all worked out!
Mmmm I see a scrapbook page!! LOL
Have a great weekend!

svea said...

so fun, blooming trees are the best! The pics are fabulous, an dthe girls are too cute. hugs to you!

cheeky said...

Your parents property seems really lovely.
The pictures are soo good. You all look so happy and the girls, as always, are little, sweet nuggets.

Jen said...

awesome photos

it's me, Val said...

Is Foto Friday real, Erin? :) I thought I made that up but probably not . . . heehee :) These pictures are gorgeous!!! I love every single one of them. Your girls are so adorable . . . I love them. Your mom. . . you look just like her! And I love the girls' outfits. Happy day to you, E!

Erin said...

Well, if Foto Friday isn't real then I stole it from you! Great title! And if you think I look like my mom now, you should have seen us back when I was smaller! I'm actually looking less like her as I get older. Weird!

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