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Monday, December 11, 2006

These are the special times...

Every year it gets more fun to decorate the tree.  Ella is starting to be very excited about it.  This year she got a movie about "Alabaster" the angel on top of a tree.  After she saw it she informed me that "Daddy will lift me high up and I'll put the Alabaster angel on our tree".  So we put little Aidie-baby to bed (she was no help at all pulling the lights off the tree) and we put on some Christmas music and Ella decorated (and I redecorated).  When we were all done, we made popcorn, turned off all the lights, sat down with our snack and eggnog, and admired our handy work.  These are the traditions that will be special every year.


jude said...

such pretty pictures!
looks like you're having lots of fun starting your own christmas traditions. =)
we hope to start our own christmas family traditions in the following years (once kaelyn is old enough to know that a tree is not to play with! heehee).

Ruth said...

your tree is beautiful.
your girls are beautiful.
your traditions are beautiful.
and YOU are beautiful.

Louise said...

Those are such amazing pictures, definitely worth a nice scrapbooking spread!!!

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