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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A star in the making

Ella was very excited about the Christmas program at church.  Until we were on the way there and she realized mommy would not be coming on stage with her.  She had been practicing her beautiful songs every day (and night), and she found out at church the morning of the program that she would get to be an angel.  Oh what joy, what bliss.  She is obsessed with angels these days, ever since we put one on the tree.  So we got her in her costume and I snuck away hoping and praying that she would make it up to the stage without a scene.  But how surprised I was when she marched up there like a trooper and sang and did all the actions and even waved when it was all over.  


esther said...

hi erin!!
stopped by and thought i'd comment too...
i can very much relate, the only difference, when nolan found out he had to wear a costume...he refused!! AHHHHH... it's amzing what a little bribbery can do?!?!

jude said...

you must be a very proud mama to see your little girl up there!!... i can't wait till kaelyn's old enough to take part. how cute she will be!! =)

Becky said...

She's adorable. I am so glad that she decided to participate...I went to my nephew's program yesterday and he was the only one standing there not doing anything the whole time!

carla said...

isabel has the EXACT same costume!!! although, she maintains it's a "princess" costume and not an "angel" costume. ha. very cute pics. i love coming to your blog just to see new pics! :) you have beautiful girls. i'm sure if we lived close to you isabel would be friends with them.

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