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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mommy, should we bake?

Lately, I hear "Mommy, should we go to Superstore?" so we go in my closet (which is the car) and we drive to Aidan's room (which is Superstore).  Or it's "Mommy, should we go to Las Vegas?" so we go in my closet (which is the airplane) and we fly there.  And most recently it's "Mommy, should we bake?"  This, I figured we could do for real.  So on Tuesday we made pancakes together and on Thursday we made soup and hamburgers and today we made cookies.  It's been a lot of fun and even though it takes twice as long, we're both happier people.  


jude said...

looks like so much fun!! what a great mother/daughter bonding experience. =)

Ruth said...

that is the sweetest thing.
ya know, shiloh LOVES to watch me cook/bake.

she ain't at the helping stage yet...but anytime i am in the kitchen she will crawl up to me tug on my pant leg and grunt and grunt for me to pull her up so she can get a better view.

melts my heart everytime.

ps wooowooo! congrats on BETA blogging. xo

aningunlugar said...

Really admire you! So so sweet!! YOu're so lucky to have this nice family. Hoping to have 1 like you someday in the future.


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