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Friday, December 22, 2006

Ode to my commenters

 I just thought that I would give a little verbal appreciation to those who take the time to comment on my obscure posts.  Makes me feel very appreciated.  Judy, Ruth, Becky, you guys are my faithfuls.  I look forward to your insight, encouragement and fun comments.  A shout out to a couple new ones, Esther, Carla, very tickled that you guys stopped by to say Hi!!!  And to all you others who have posted in the past, you are a bright spot in my day.  I look forward each day to seeing who has commented.  And to all those who have not commented, I hope you enjoy the blog and hope one day to hear from you (it's fun to hear your thoughts!!), and if not, keep enjoying.  


jude said...

how sweet erin.
i just wanted to encourage you to keep being YOU on your blog. i like it - it's fun, bubbly, exactly who you are.

carla said...

glad i could "tickle" you....tee hee.
hope to start my own personal blog sometime soon, but i don't know how often i'd be able to update it, as i work from home.
i was thinking about you the other day...reminiscing about our "sister club"--remember that? me, you, rach, nanci. and our song ("i'll be missing you")....
good times.

Ruth said...

yeeeeeeeer so welcome.
so glad you are part of the blogisphere.

love you erin.
shalomy to your homey.

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