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Thursday, December 21, 2006

A day off for mommy...

Mommy's should get a manditory day off...every so often...just because...
We don't even get sick days!  Not that I'm complaining.  It just really hit home this week, when my lovely husband stayed home Monday and Tuesday with a bout of the flu, and there I was trying to take care of him and my 2 lovely handfuls.  Thankfully he wasn't throwing up.  And then Wednesday he went to work and my 2 lovely handfuls were doubled into 4 (I babysat on Wednesday morning), and low and behold, I got his flu (again, thankfully no puking!!!).  So now it's Thursday and he's out partying at his work Christmas party and I'm toughing it out trying to be a loving, compassionate mother (not really succeeding in that area) while sitting in the washroom, yelling from there about this and that.  My patience is worn out and I feel like I should be on a tv show about being a better mom.  Oh did I mention that I also made 2 desserts this morning for Jer's work party?  Oh yes, I'm definitely super mom...super tired mom!


jude said...

oh erin, i can totally relate (except not with so many kids). i've had this super-bug for almost 2 weeks and i'm just now getting over it... makes it HARD being a mom!!!!!!! i was thinking of writing a very similar post during that time, so yeah, i can totally feel for you.

carla said...

you're totally right.
moms just *CAN'T* get sick.
they really can't.
isabel goes to day care twice a week so she's always coming home with crap she's picked up (not actual crap...) and then spreads the "joy" around our household.
she's sick right now as i type this....hopefully dwayne and i stay well for christmas.
merry christmas, erin!

Ruth said...

hope your day is better today.
thinking about you.

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