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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Why I love shopping!

I haven't had time to post about it, but last weekend (Sunday to Monday) my friend Janice and I went down to the States for the night. Shopping was the name of the game. I was going to try and stay away from black and brown, but you'll notice, it was very fact, everything I bought is either black or brown. I suck! Janice on the other hand, who has complained to me in the past that she doesn't have enough color bought pink and green and blue. Oh well, at least it's all nice : ) I also got the girls some little treats. Aidan needed new jeans. Ella got a new computer game and I got them both new plates and mittens. (click on the collage to see it larger...and don't you just love those shoes?)
And quite possibly one of the main reasons I go is for this...

Unfortunately Bath and Body Works was in the fifth week of their "5 for $15" sale on antibacterial soaps and the selection was very limited in Fargo. On our way through Grand Forks we stopped in at the Bath and Body Works there and found a few more.

And a big, bright, shiny moment for Janice and I...

...don't worry...we didn't eat it all right then. There are just so many fascinating treats that we don't have here. I brought most of mine home and shared with my family.


lil ole' me..... said...

Looks like y'all had a very successful trip! (Cute buys!)
I hit the Bath and Body 5 for $15 sale myself! :)

Just think, you can get some more goodies in October!!!

ValleyGirl said...

Looks like a great time!! Someday I'll have to do that with my girlfriends, too. (and yes, those ARE cute shoes!!)

Erin said...

lil ole' me - I know, I'm so excited for October!!

Valleygirl - You really should go down with some friends, it such a good time.

jude said...

oh man, if i'd've known you were hitting b&b works, i'd've asked you to pick some up for me... shucks. ;-) oh well, maybe i'll have to twist matt's arm and see if we can make our way down there ourselves sometime... :) (ps when do they usually have their sale?)

Erin said...

Jude - well seem to always be 3 for $10, they just happened to be 5 for $15 in the last few weeks. So they are always a good deal.

Ruth said...

:) love THOSE shoes. when i was in feb...they had 4 for 10 at b and b works! love that stuff.

Jen said...

wow I LOVE the sound of that sale
and I like your new clothes

Mel said...

i share your fashion color palette. can't go wrong with neutrals, right? the last couple of years, I've actually ventured out into the "color" zone and I own a couple of pink pieces of clothing. but other than that, it's brown, black, white, gray, taupe... you know how it goes!
hope you're well, too!

Jen H. said...

Gorgeous clothes! All stuff I would wear, too bad we're not the same size.

Love, Jen H.

Andrea said... fun! I'm hoping to find great deals THIS WEEKEND too. I can't wait!

Look forward to seeing you sporting all of these new clothes. They totally look like your style.

it's me, Val said...

What's your favorite clothing store to shop at?

Looks like you went to Tar-jay based on the chips? :)

Very cute things!!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

You and I have very similar tastes these days. I just can't imagine not having a B&B Works nearby. Oh the things I take for granted.

La'el said...

Definitely cute shoes... and everything else!

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