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Monday, September 17, 2007

All is well

Just been taking a little break from the world in general this weekend. I think I just tuckered right out. It was really, really busy for a while and I needed to sit back and take a deep breath. I had a great weekend. Lots of good times.

Friday I finished off the last minute things in the show home that I needed to do and spent the day at my mom's making more salsa. In the evening I went to a wedding shower for Lindsay. The shower was at one of our great restaurants, Buccacino's where we ate supper, visited and just had a relaxing evening there. After the shower I went grocery shopping. I'm telling you, shopping at 10:00 p.m. is so much better...there's nobody there! Imagine that : )

Saturday we had a lazy day and then we found out there was going to be a showing at 3:00 so I quickly tidied up and got us ready to go out the door for the bonfire/birthday party we were going to that evening. The party was great fun. We had a wiener roast and lots of good food. There were like 60 people there and it was such a nice evening. We've had so many weeks of crappy weather that it was a nice change to have 3 great days in a row. Today it was 28 degrees! Awesome.

Yesterday after church my mom and I took Ella shopping for a few new things for school. We went for ice cream and checked out my uncle's new scrapbooking kiosk in the mall. A truly successful shopping trip! In the evening we went over to Chris and Tara's for birthday cake for their daughter's birthday and visited with them.

Today was another relaxing day. I spent a good part of the day outside enjoying the lovely weather and visiting with the neighbor ladies. I picked up my passport today and I truly look grumpy in the picture : ( Then we had another showing in the evening so I packed up some stuff for supper and took it over to Chris and Tara's and she was kind enough to let us stay there. She made an amazing supper which I'm still stuffed from. Then she and I went to look at the 4 show homes in town. All very different and very nice. Great job to everyone!

So that's it. Nothing really exciting. My week is going to be filled with a few coffee dates and as much relaxing as possible. I think my body is in sore need of it. Hopefully one day soon I'll have some exciting posts. Nothing right now. I'm sucked right dry from all the busyness of the past month. It's a lot of work getting your house ready to sell and keeping it in that shape! I think I've got it down to a pretty good routine and so now my thoughts are...if it can stay this nice for this many days in a row, why can't it stay this nice all the time? Maybe it will become a habit and it will stick! We can only hope.

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