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Friday, September 07, 2007

Umm, yeah

I'm sitting here at my computer, reading blogs when I should be doing something. I'm sure I should be doing something. My house is officially for sale and if you know anyone that wants it, let them know showings start tomorrow, okay? Okay. So I'm down to the bottom of the barrel of things to do on my to do list.

- clean windows in my bedroom and Ella's bedroom
- wash kitchen floor (I'll probably do that as we're leaving tomorrow morning)
- weed garden
- fold one last load of laundry (that's it, we're going to be wearing the same clothing for the next week or so)
- wash dishes one more time (off to mom and dad's for supper so that we don't make more dishes before tomorrow)

Is that it? I think that's it! That sounds totally doable. Very funny how that would have been lots to do in a normal day for me and today that sounds like a very reasonable amount of work.

Very exciting for me, I got new lamps for our living room yesterday. $60 at Walmart for a pack of 4 lamps.

They're so pretty. Makes me wish I had them like 18 months ago when we moved in (kind of like I wish our basement was finished, walls were fixed, pantry was cleaned, mirror in our closet was up and knobs on entertainment unit had all been done before this last week...funny how no amount of nagging will get your dh's butt in gear like a for sale sign and the promise of a profit on your house). But the sense of accomplishment following the last week and a half of work is immense!


Louise said...

Proud of you babe!

$60.00 !!! WOW I NEED LAMPS SOOO BAD I may just have to copy the professional...LOL!!

Keep on going you are almost there!!

ValleyGirl said...

Wow, I admire your calmness about the showhome! (I realize you might be toning it down some in writing!!) Your house is so beautiful. I checked it out on the MLS this morning. You're so talented. Will we see pictures of the showhome too?

Good luck with the showhome as well as the showings of your own this weekend!!

Okay, I really need to be doing something else, too!

Erin said...

Louise, thanks for the encouragement. And they have quite a few different lamp collections for reasonable prices ($50-100) depending on your style. I was very impressed.

Vallygirl - I am actually feeling quite calm about the whole thing (what else can I do, right?) It's out of my control and it actually makes my weekend less hectic to be able to spread it into next week. Yeah, I'm disappointed that it won't be ready for the Parade opening, but whatever. Not my problem. And yes, I'll be taking pictures when it's ready...I hope you're as impressed with that house as my house : )

Lindsay said...

Ooh, pretty...

Congratulations - I can only imagine how much effort you've put into getting your own house ready, never mind the show home on top of it.

Glad you realize that there's only so much you can control, and the house will get finished when it gets finished. Disappointing, for sure... But that's life! Can't wait to see pictures :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

It looks great! I am sure someone will fall right in love with it right away. Keep up the hard work!

it's me, Val said...

Erin, first of all, you're doing great, darling!!!! And second of all, I love the lamps! I really really like that urn thingie there in the foreground of the pic. Is that what that is?

lil ole' me..... said...

I saw those lamps yesterday at WalMart, after you mentioned them!!
The place looks great. I am sure God has a buyer all picked out for you!!! :)

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