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Friday, August 10, 2007

The journey to Aidie-bug (Aidan)

Today is Aidan's second birthday. I thought I would honor her and show everyone some of my favorite pictures of our journey to meet her and to who she has become. She is a sweet, mischievous little girl. She can be the naughtiest little thing and the most cuddly agreeable girl. She makes up for any badness by being so darn cute. She is called Aidie-baby, Aidie-bug, Papa's peanut, Sweetpea and Peach. Aidan means "Fiery little one." Strangely enough she came out with red hair screaming her little lungs out and has been a little fireball ever since. I think her name was God-given. When I was pregnant I chose the name Aidan simply because I loved it. Then I decided to look up the meaning because meanings are very important to me. When I found out that it meant fiery little one I changed my mind. I didn't want to label my child with something that sounded so negative. I picked a new name and we settled on that. About 3 weeks before I was due I went to see Ballet in the Park. The ballerina's name was Aidan. I sat there thinking, "It's such a beautiful name and it feels so right for this baby!" So we decided to keep both names as an options and see when the time came (we didn't know we were having a girl, we had a boy's name picked as well). When she was born there was no doubt in our minds what her name would be. But we now realize that instead of negative connotation, it can be good...she's got passion, she's stubborn, she will one day stand up for what she believes is right and good. We pray that she will have the fire of God in her and live passionately for him.

So this is me 8 months pregnant with her. (I'll apologize in advance for the bad was a bad hair year!) I had another wonderful pregnancy the second time around!
Two weeks before I had her.

The crazy thing is that she's sucking her thumb in the womb already and she is an AVID thumb sucker now! Silly little girl : )

Here you can see her little knees bent and her feet are in the upward position and she's busy doing what she did best, kicking my insides into pulp!

We were blessed to have a home birth with Aidan. I called our midwife, Giselle at about 7:00p.m. to tell her that I thought this was the evening I would go into labor. She arrived at about 8:00. The contractions had been steady for days (just like the first time with Ella), but something felt different by that time. They broke my water at 9:30 because for the contractions, strong as they were, didn't break it. An hour and a half and 4 pushes later, Aidan Mackenzie arrived. My mom had decided a few days before to be at the birth. So at 10:15 Jer calls her to tell her to come and she takes her jolly old time, arrives during the third push and exclaims when it's all over, "I almost missed it!" Ha! I thought you knew by now that I did everything quickly! This picture is us about an hour after she was born in our living room.

Proud Daddy!

Content Mommy!

Beautiful Aidan!

Aidan and I at Minaki when she was 3 weeks old. We had to miss most of the annual Minaki vacation, so we went on the September long weekend again.

"I bet you I'm the fattest baby there is! Oh no? Don't think so, check out the next picture..."

"They call me the Michelin baby" She had more rolls than I could count. I think there were 4 from armpit to elbow and 4 from top of thigh to knee. Not to mention the 3 chins and Buddah belly! Oh those cheeks were kissable.

Aidan's first Christmas wearing the dress that Granny made her.

I just love this picture. Her beautiful red hair and sweet little button nose. Still with kissable cheeks, too : )

Happy birthday, sweet Aidan. I love you SOOOO much! May God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you! Love Mommy.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Aidie-bug! You are such a beuatiful and sweet little girl and we love you lots! Love the chubby pictures, so cute!

it's me, Val said...

Awwwww....that was so so sweet!!!!

Erin, you looked amazing preggo!! What a beautiful preggie girl you were. I would have LOVED taking your maternity pictures and to have been there at your birth to take pictures . . . wow. Maybe next time?? (hint, hint, there will be a next time, right?) But really, what a beautiful you pregnant and even after delivery, and all your pictures at home and Aidan as she is growing up ---- beautiful and priceless. Thank you for sharing those with us. (And what I would have done to have photographed that dootle and her cute yummy rolls!)

Happy Birthday, Aidan! I can't wait to meet you one day!!!!!

Love to all.


Bonnie said...


She is one sweet litte princess!! Love the red hair and all the cute dresses granny annie makes for her!!!

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Aidy Baby!!

Lindsay said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Aidan! :)

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