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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Erin's life...such as it is

Here's a run down of the days of our lives (my life) as my world turns and I deal with all my children trying to make my show home bold and beautiful. And I don't even watch soaps! Ha!

- Cabinets went into the show home yesterday, hope to go take some pics tonight.

- Still know nothing about the furniture...argh!

- Have drawn and thrown out 3 sets of floorplans for our new house (one complete set, a second one that isn't thrown out, just put on the backburner for a later flip and Jer beat me to a good one before I finished the third one). Have finally found one that I think will work and alas, it's a bungalow. Our wonderful Colonial was not deep enough to sit on a walk-out lot. So we'll build that one after this one : )

- The swaying has finally stopped, which is a huge relief. I found out after the fact that it is a wide spread problem after being at the lake. I actually talked to 4 separate people who dealt with the same thing. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, from our last day at the lake until 2 days ago (which was a total of 11 days) I had a complete loss of equilibrium. I felt like I was still on a dock (you know how when you've been on an elevator and you get off sometimes you still feel like you're moving? Like that.) and it was a very BAD feeling. The room always felt like it was moving even if I was lying down. I don't want to even get into all the worrisome things that went through my head!

- I spent a full day yesterday (10-5) cleaning out my house in preparation for selling. I got a big chunk done. All major and some minor closets and storage spaces decluttered and LOTS of stuff thrown out. It feels so good. I managed to take a whole bin worth of books off the shelves of my entertainment unit. Today I'm going to start in on toys...oh is that going to be a big job. My mom had the girls ALL day yesterday and I got to be by myself. It was so fantastic!!! I had Josh in the cd player cranked to the top and I didn't have to worry about feeding little grumpy people, working around naps, keeping them out of stuff, breaking up fights or cleaning up accidents. It was a very triumphant feeling to get so much done in one day. I think it's one of my most productive days in years!

- Jer and I snapped a chalk line in the basement yesterday (all while I was singing the Johnny Cash favorite "I'll Chalk the Line"...ha, ha...booo!!!) so that he can start the suspended ceiling, which he actually did end up starting last night. Go Jer, go Jer!

And now I'm going to go outside for a bit of fresh air to enjoy the nice weather. What a cold sucky August we've had. It feels like fall. Don't get me wrong I love fall, just not in August. August is supposed to be stinkin' hot so that when fall gets here it's refreshing. Jeans are not supposed to come out till later in September. Or jackets. It's been going down to 5 and 6 degrees celsius at night (celsius...what a dumb word, I don't even know if I spelled that right because when you look it up on Google it's also spelled "celcius"). Okay, enough rambling and I'll talk to you all later. And sorry I'm not doing much commenting on all your blogs, haven't had time to do a whole lot of blogging (reading or otherwise) so I'm going to have a HUGE load of blog posts to read when my life settles down. I haven't forgotten about you all...if you care...okay, bye!


lil ole' me..... said...

You are one busy woman! Whew!!!
I am glad to hear that your swaying has stopped!
Oh, and I would trade you weather. We have been having miserably hot and humid weather this August. 100+ degrees. We even broke some record highs last week. Gotta love the midwests' summers! I'm counting the days till fall..... :)

Andrea said...

Fall is the BEST!! I love it when it starts in August already. But I have to say...I do miss your white capris! :)

Tara said...

I agree with you, August should still be hot! Keep fall at least until September or even October. Love the new hit "chalk the line" you should put out a single! LOL...

Alexis Jacobs said...

Reading all that just made me tired. I hope things slow down soon.

it's me, Val said...

I love your way of thinking, Erin, how you said you'll just built that one after this one :) GREAT THINKING!!

Also, so happy for you that you got so much cleaning done! That's a huge huge relief, isn't it?? I'm happy for you.

I can't wait for fall. 3/4 of my family has a birthday in Oct. (I am the oddball) So I get so excited for October. Speaking of . . . if you are free in Oct, we're having a huge Halloween/Housewarming party which you are so welcome to come to!!!!! (You know, because it's so easy for you to!) :)

Jenene said...

I totally know what you mean with feeling like you're still on the dock even after you've left the lake. Only I LOVE that feeling. I look forward to taking that sensation home with me when I leave the lake.

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