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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!

Last night was probably the freakiest experience I've EVER had to this point in my life! I got home from my walk at 10:00 p.m. and there were storm clouds rolling in. I sat on my deck for a few minutes and watched all the lightning flashing to the Northwest of us. When it started to rain I went inside. Jer and I sat in the Dining room watching the storm all around us. The lightning was crazy!

At 10:20 we went up to bed and were lying there when all of a sudden something was very wrong. We heard this most unearthly sound and our house was making weird noises. Jer looked at me and says "get the girls and go in the basement." So I go grab Aidan and Jer gets Ella and we run to the basement into the mechanical room under the stairs. I'm shaking so bad and the girls don't have a foggy clue what's going on. After a few minutes Jer goes to check what's going on. He comes back and says it's okay, we can come up. I put the girls back in their beds and go check what happened and to see what all the commotion in our back yard is about. Well apparently a twister of some sort went through our back yards and picked up our neighbors trampoline and tossed it into their neighbor's garage 2 doors down from them. Can anyone say scary?

While we're out there it's deadly calm and warm. Let me just say, it was NOT warm yesterday evening or most of the day. So that's freaking me out a bit. Suddenly the weather changes and the wind is weird again and Jer says "let's get the girls and just go in the basement for a while until this things blows over." So that's what we did. Poor kids! Getting dragged out of their beds twice in one night. But I wasn't going to be sorry.

It took me a while to fall asleep after that...I had to check the radar about 15 times until I was sure that it had passed and could relax. We don't know if it was an actual twister (we don't think it touched down) or a very, very strong gust of wind, or what. All I know is I've always been afraid of tornadoes even though we've never had one here, and now I can say why they freak me out. I could never, NEVER live anywhere where tornadoes are a risk factor all the time. Unfortunately my safe comfort zone has been seriously damaged and I don't think I'll view storms quite the same, which is really too bad, because I love thunderstorms.


Louise said...

Oh I hear you girl!! Conrad is always trying to convince me that everything is alright!! I just told him your story b/c I asked him last night if we should go in the basement and he said NO NO...LOL he said you guys live so far away it could have been completely different there... WHATEVER!!!! I SO don't like big storms like that!! Not fun!

ValleyGirl said...

I'm glad you're all okay and that you trusted your instincts and ran your family to the basement even before you really knew there was actually anything wrong.

I love storms, even the scary ones, because the power is absolutely incredible. If wind and weather can do so much, imagine how much more powerful God is -- HE CONTROLS THE WIND!!

Ruth said...

ahhh! wild, erin. last night brian got home(from work) just before the storm hit (long long day) and he was thrilled. he openned the front door and watched the down pour.

glad your guys are ok. and the trampoline too.

bonnie s said...

I'm happy to hear everyone is ok. It can be pretty scary when things happen that we have no control over. Good going getting you and your family into the basement. And PRAISE GOD that he took such good care of all of you!

Charlene said...

I know what you mean...I live in an area where tornadoes are common in the spring. there have been so many touch downs all around me, but, never where I am, thankfully. You are lucky you have Jer..always better safe then sorry...that's my motto!

Tara said...

I am so gald that it is over now!

Nadine said...

That does sound so scary. I'm not a big fan of those types of storms myself. I'm glad everything is okay now. I pray you and yours stay safe.

Carrie said...

Well I'm glad everyone is ok. I live in tornado alley and it is NOT fun. I am horribly afraid of tornadoes. I've been in one - it touched down across the street from us, in the golf course, came right at us, jumped over our place, and hit the place behind us.

Ridiculously scary.

And on that note...LOL...I hope you have a good day!

God bless :)

it's me, Val said...

I hate hate tornadoes, too, but unfortunately we live in the twister zone. I've seen one close-up with my eyes when I lived on the farm. My dad drug us kids OUT TO SEE IT! Yup! Anyway, I've seen major major destruction from those here in Illinois. But I am thankful to say I have never experienced one first-hand. And Im thankful for that! I'm sorry for your experience but I'm glad everyone is okay.

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