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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Where Am I...Egypt? New York? Paris? Wonderland?

It's so funny walking down the street and suddenly you wonder where you are..."hmmm, I thought I was in Nevada..." It's so neat and for those of us who haven't been to those wonderful places, this is a close second. And you get to see it all in one night. My daughter was in complete awe that I got to see and go inside a castle that for the next hour after I showed her the pictures all we heard was, "Daddy, please can we go to the castle and see all the statues on a trip?".


Heather L said...

Isn't Las Vegas fun! I LOVED it when I went. Glad you had tons of fun. The pics are great :)


Karen Friesen said...

Hey you spoiled brat, glad you made it back! Your pics are great! Kelly would have loved to have gone with you back to the Grand Canyon, he also expressed it's majestic beauty and awe. So one of these days I need to learn how to blog, I might need your help. Let's do lunch soon, I miss those munchkins.
Love You, Karen

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