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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A bun in the oven...noooo not that kind!!

I'm so excited about my newest accomplishment that I just had to share it with the rest of the world. And I think quite possibly the only other person to share this excitement with me is my dear husband.

I learned how to bake buns yesterday!!!

It has been an ongoing argument with Jer and I...

"You should learn how to bake buns."

"I don't want to learn how!!!"

"Why not?"

"Because...I DON'T WANT TO!!!" (insert foot stomp)

I think it was an expectation that I should get married, have kids and...VIOLA, learn how to make buns. Good mennonite girl! I'm trying to break out of the mold. You know, a "new generation of women".

But alas...that generation of women buys their buns from the store and yearns for their mom's and grandmothers' buns. So I sucked it up and made the choice to venture forth into the unexplored territory of bun-baking.

It was fun.
It was well worth it.
And I only ate 4. (One from each pan that came out of the oven...and that was also worth it!)


Ruth said...

hello martha!

way to go!

svea said...

love it! you are my insiration! hey i want a bun right now, you are making my mouth water....

Leesh said...

I can personally say, that I have tasted your "oh so delicious" buns and ....wait that doesn't sound right......oh well, your buns were amazing and Aysia loved it too. Smothered with butter fresh out of the oven. You inspire me to take a crack at it. I make just have to get my moms recipe and try it. I will let you know how things turn out and save a bun for you.

High 5 girlfriend!!!!
Leader of the "Store buying bun mothers".

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